Are you ready for a meditation experience that will take you on exquisite journeys? Explore the exotic, the expansive, the wonders, and the serenely spiritual.

Inspired by locations all over the earth, Lemon Skies is a unique meditation experience which encourages internal exploration through the use of rich 3D soundscapes, and soft verbal guidance.

Learn to let go, profoundly relax, and explore your inner nature while bringing conscious awareness to our beautiful home – planet earth. For every donation we in-turn donate a percentage to the preservation of our planet.

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Making meditation
easy and enjoyable.

We understand it’s not always possible to be in nature. Living in cities and working hard can make it difficult to take the time.

Our meditations allows you to take a time out and bathe in the beauty of mother nature while you get to experience your inner nature.

Do you want to:

  • Relax more easily?
  • Reduce your stress levels?
  • Explore your inner self on more profound spiritual levels?
  • Reconnect with nature?

All are possible through the deeply guided visualizations of Lemon Skies

…richly detailed 3D soundscapes….

How it works

As Lemon Skies is shiny brand new we currently have The Mountain Monastery destination available. The Tropical Island is being created right now.

For each destination there are over 30 possible path variations. Each provide lush soundscapes, opportunities to meet enlightened beings, a variety of weather effects and exercises and techniques to deepen your connection to inner guidance.

With the use of complex binaural beat technology you can journey even deeper into the levels of your being.

It’s time to explore…

Please Note

Lemon Skies is designed to work only in Mobile view. Please view from a mobile device or reduce the width of your browser to simulate a mobile view.